Awesome Airbrush Nail Design

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airbrush nail designs step by step
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Almost everyone loves some art or another. Many women love to get their nails manicured. So why not combine the two? Well that is exactly what has happened. Airbrush art has combined with the manicure to give women a great opportunity to use their nails to show off great artwork. Airbrush nail design applied to give a great flare to a manicure. Confined to the stencil design in which the artist can get their hands and imaginations of artists.

Airbrush art form has become very popular and many salons around the world that offer this to their clients. Airbrush art is also available on false nails and sold in almost every store that carries fake nails. You two can get in on this craze and start your own business that offers a fun and exciting airbrush art on nails.

airbrush nail design ideas

Airbrush art on nails is not for beginners just getting started in airbrushing. The working area is very small and the artist must have mastered the techniques involved with airbrushing. One major problem faced by beginners is more than spraying. During spraying is when the artist sprays outside the area in which they try to spray. When working with nails you do not want to end up airbrushing the person’s fingers. So before trying to do airbrush art on nails gain some experience with airbrushing on larger surfaces.

Depending on the type of airbrush nail design you are doing will determine the type of airbrush that you need. When doing airbrush art on nails go well Iwata HP Iwata HP – A or – B. It is great for airbrushing nails. Even if you do not go with the Iwata though remember to always go with the brand name and never use artificial airbrush.

You will need an air compressor designed for airbrushing on nails. Best air compressor to be used is Iwata Studios Series Silver Jet Air Compressor. While this is the best one that you can go with a small compressor which has 18 psi. Should get a air compressor that will adjust between 10-18 psi if you do not go with the Iwata Silver Jet.
To do airbrush art on nails you will need a stencil nail art or nail art masks. Masks nail art reusable masks that have adhesive that leaves no residue on the nails. Of course if you are really creative and very good you can freehand airbrush art right into the nail.

If not then take the time and invest in nail art stencils and masks. Paint that you will use when doing airbrush nail design is water based. A down coat and top coat are what protects the water -based paint is not damaged. You also will need to spray a light coating of what is called varnish between the artwork and the top coat. Varnish only water -based clear coat will protect the paint from getting brush strokes when you apply the top coat.

5 Photos of the Awesome Airbrush Nail Design

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