Awesome Acrylic Crystal Nail Design

Cute Glitter Acrylic Nails

If you visit nail salon to possess gel nails or glitter acrylic nails, nail technician typically sand down your natural fingernails to form for a natural match of the false nail. This could cause cutting of natural nails and weaken them. Carrying false nails by yourself provide you with a clean cut, low maintenance manicure and do very little harm to your natural nails. Moreover, artificial nails are a decent [...]

New Spring Nails Trends 2013

New Nail Trends 2013

A new year’s brings new nail trends for you to buy. And once its year, you cannot resist buying until you drop. However don’t boost your cart simply something and everything. Pay your cash showing intelligence and avoid what is done and over with. No one likes dark nail paints anymore- unless in fact you’ve got an emo vogue. However trust Maine, once you flaunt that emo look today, you [...]

remove artificial nails

How to remove artificial nails easily

How to remove artificial nails easily - The fake or artificial nails is one way that women have the long beautiful nails, especially for those who can not grow his fingernails. The negative side is that artificial nails do not last long. A month or so after putting artificial nails, acrylic emerges from the cuticle due to the growth of the natural nail beneath the artificial nail. The nails start to [...]

Different Polish Nail Styles Art Design

Different Nail Styles on One Hand

Women like to have lovely nails and men like to see girls with well-kept hands. However, there different nail styles on one hand square measure sure brands of nail enamel and nail product that square measure additional lovely and additional sturdy than different product. Sure, they price to a small degree additional, however the consequences square measure definitely value to not speak way sturdier. The 2 best brands of nail [...]

nail art stickers cvs

Let’s Apply Nail Art Stickers

What is nail art stickers? Before we learn about that, you should know the history of nail art. Nail art is a nail decorating techniques that originated in China. This technique has actually used for a long time, starting from the days of imperial China. At that time, the king’s concubines decorate their nails using natural dyes such as fiber red flowers, roots, and leaves of henna. In addition, they [...]

nails estilo sinaloa

Nails Sinaloa style

Nails Sinaloa style - Thousands of years ago, the appearance of the nails was of great importance in many cultures. In Ethiopia different tribes used myrrh oil to improve the quality of your nails. In Egypt, in the time of Cleopatra, henna is used to color nails. nails were important to the pharaohs, the papyrus paper reinforced. In Greece men to decorate their nails with gold leaf and miniature paintings such [...]